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We help you save money

  • Compulsory liability

    Octavia 2.0 TDI

    Save665 Kč
    2 941 Kč

    2 276 Kč

  • Compulsory liability

    Fabia 1.2 Tsi 2020

    Save707 Kč
    Fabia - homepage
    2 654 Kč

    1 947 Kč

  • Accident Insurance

    Fabia 1.2 Tsi 2020

    Save1 283 Kč
    Fabia - homepage
    6 127 Kč

    4 844 Kč

Compulsory liability insurance

  • What is compulsory third-party liability insurance

    • mandatory insurance for every car officially registered in the Czech Republic 

    • in the event of failing to pay this insurance, a fine of up to several tens of thousands of crowns may be imposed

    • you must have this insurance, even if you don't drive your car and just park it on the side of the road

  • What does compulsory third-party liability insurance cover?

    • in the case of a car accident caused by you, it covers the damage to health and property of the third party

Accident Insurance

  • What is accident insurance

    • an optional insurance

    • its amount is influenced by a number of factors – for example vehicle value and age, the participation fee or the car's security level

    • when deciding on a policy, don't just look at the price, but also keep in mind the range of assistance services or the speed of claim settlement

  • What does accident insurance cover?

    • coverage of damage to your own vehicle in a car accident caused by you

    • theft of the car or its parts

    • damage to or complete destruction of the car by acts of nature (hail, flood, fallen branches...)

    • damage caused by a stranger or vandalism

    • as a part of your accident insurance, you can also arrange for an additional insurance of assistance services

Why with us?

Since 2008, we have been comparing quotes from all renowned insurance companies based on your individual needs.

We'll save you time

  • we will find the best deals for you and discuss your selected option directly with the respective insurance company

  • you don't have to go anywhere – we will sort everything out online and over the phone, you just need to fill in the contact form

We'll save you money

  • we will make your insurance cheaper by up to several thousand crowns per year

  • you can get a special price for a package deal including both compulsory third-party liability and accident insurance

We speak English

  • our trained specialists have perfect verbal and written English skills in addition to an excellent knowledge of our products

Frequently asked questions

Who will I be signing with? You?

What do I need to conclude a contract online?

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Who do I contact in the case of an insurance claim?

How much will the insurance company pay out in the event of a claim?

Bonuses are transferable?

What are assistance services?

Do I need to go to the post office to pick up the contract and then store it in a drawer at home?